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Some health insurance policies will pay for sessions of psychological therapy or counselling and we have practitioners registered with many insurers including AXA, Aviva, BUPA, CIGNA, PPP, Standard Life and WPA. We can also work with many EU and US-based health insurance companies. 

If you wish to use your health insurance policy to fund your sessions with us, you will first need to contact them to find out if they will cover psychological therapy, often termed 'psychiatric benefit'. If they agree to fund such therapy, they will be able to advise you what you need to do to next. Unfortunately we cannot give you a clear idea of the process because all insurance companies have a slightly different way of doing things and authorising sessions of counselling, CBT, or psychotherapy. While some require you to first visit your GP or a psychiatrist (a medical doctor with a specialism in mental illness) for a referral, others will refer you themselves. 

If your insurance provider is willing to fund your therapy sessions, they will be able to let you know of any specific requirements that they have about the types of practitioner etc and they will provide you with an authorisation code. Please get in touch once you have both of these bits of information from your insurer. We will not be able to book you in until you have this information. 

Please also note that some health insurance policies will not cover the full cost of your sessions. In such instances, you will need to pay the additional cost of each session to your therapist on the day of your therapy session. You should check your policy before booking your appointment with us.